RedKey is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system for manufacturing business. RedKey models precisely the business workflow in its integrity – from creating a quote and sales order to manufacturing and accounting.

Kita project

Kit@ project is a media competency training for professionals in day-care centres and comparable institutions of Europe. Seven European partners have contributed with their knowledge and experience and jointly developed a training programme for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) professionals. The result is a flexible training course in Media Literacy that can be accessed and studied by professionals, independent of time, at their own pace.

MediaParents project

MediaParents is a project for advanced training of parents and educational staff in media education. Media literacy is a key competence in a society where everyday life and the working world are significantly influenced by digitalisation. Dealing with digital media is part of everyday life for European families today, also and especially in rural areas. The relevance of the use of digital media for a child or young person and the direction in which media use develops depends significantly on the media education of parents. Through international cooperation, the project develops content that enables parents and adults from different professional backgrounds, such as educational professionals, to conduct media education evenings for parents.


4cast2Sustain is a solution for managing the collection and processing of wild-growing products. The solution gives the wild-growing products value chain (collectors-resellers-processors-merchants) advantages that will increase its competitiveness, profit and sustainability and will give more understanding about the market. It is a tool for optimisation of the collection and processing of wild–growing products, via collecting meteorological data and quantity, quality and type of collected products in different geographical regions. Based on the gathered data, the application produce short and long term forecasts and analyses about what products to be expected and in which geographical regions.


(prototype stage) ShoutBack is a linguistics analytics engine that powers two interrelated services:

  • A novel structured means for online media outlets to engage their readers, that is less cumbersome than a “comment” and more informative than a “like”.
  • Real-time aggregation of online readers’ opinions about people, brands, and organizations in the news for use by the media, analysts, and reputation managers.